Top 5 Plants that can be Your New Year Addition

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Escaping from the cold, sitting indoors, coffee in one hand and book in other, with greens around to calm your mind, isn’t this the wonderful time of the year to relax. Other than spending time with your friends and family, one of the things that can bring joy in your life is spending time with nature. People in their lives are always occupied with calculations, decisions, planning and so on, ever tried combing the tender leaves with gentle touch, closer you’ll get to experience your eureka moment.

Having already signed up for quitting plastic, can we also take a pledge simultaneously to make our indoors and outdoors greener and oxygenated? Let’s Mushroom this idea of choosing small plants for gifts this New Year and subscribe to a greener tomorrow. We are offering a wide range of these thoughtful gifting options for you and your loved ones, which will subtly replace the artificial air purifiers with these eye soothing greens.

1.   Money Plant

Golden Money Plants - Green Decor

There is something for money plant lovers. If none of the other plants you find fitting in your template of lifestyle, this is the easy-to-grow plant option. With miniscule efforts required in its care& propagation, the only word of caution is over watering leads to wilting and decay of plant.

2.   Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plants - Green Decor

Light up your living room with this beautiful plant. Its foliage, big broad leaves, works best for indoor decoration. You can grow it in small boho-wooven pot on a corner wooden stool, and make your living space radically peaceful. Only trick is to keep a check on watering and light conditions for its grooming.

3.   Araucaria

Araucaria Plants - Green Decor

If you love plants, we sure a pretty balcony is what you look upto every morning. To accessorize the space, bring calming effect with light scented diffusers to enjoy the view, Araucaria is quintessential. The thick bushy leaves of this evergreen plant make this plant a substitute of Christmas tree in many Indian households.

4.   Poinsettia

Poinsettia - Green Decor

We understand that finding bright spots in city apartments is difficult. Indoor plants like Poinsettia are one of the best ways to have some brightness and greenery around if you don’t have the luxury of a big balcony but managing to keep it in a well-lit window pane will do good for it.

5.   Echeveria

Echeveria or Succulent Plants - Green Decor

These are the perfect succulents in the category of best plants to gift on birthday as well. You can bring it home for your new year or gift someone because they can brighten any home in any climate and can also help to purify the air. Besides that they can also enhance the humidity to the surroundings and can improve your focus while enhancing your memory.

Congratulations! You have signed up for an inexpensive and therapeutic kinship with nature, which shall certainly result in a healthier lifestyle and relations.

With these few decor hacks and more, we offer regular & seasonal discounts on the range of gifting combos and accessories. Plant therapy is the espousing lifestyle and we offer our creative DIY tips to you for bringing-in the best of your investment.

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