Top 5 Common Myths Related to Bonsai Plants & Its Gardening

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Myths evolve with time and the ones associated with Bonsai do too. There are a lot of common myths related to Bonsai plants and its gardening which have been confusing people for a long time.

Here is a list of 5 such most common myths related to Bonsai plants:

1.    Bonsai are Expensive

There are bonsai plants which are expensive since you are essentially paying for the invested time and care that went down to establish that bonsai tree. But there’s a catch, bonsai trees are not necessarily expensive since they can fit quite easily within your budget. It can be a plant grown from scratch or cut from those purchased from a trusted bonsai nursery.

2.    Bonsai are House Plants Primarily

This is a common myth. Bonsai plants grow to their fullest potential when they are grown as outdoor plants. These plants are also being treated the same way as any other plants in most climatic regions. In winter, tropical plants are placed in a greenhouse or indoors while others are left to sit in a garage or a pit that was formerly assigned. Tropical and sub-tropical ones grow better outside. However, they can also be grown as indoor plant with proper light, air and water supply. Bonsai plants need to be exposed to the varied seasonal cycles to grow or remain dormant for the sake of their good health.

3.    Only an Imported Plant can be a “True” Bonsai

Some Bonsai plants can be imported but mostly they are grown using native plants that are acquainted within their area. With the pervading popularity of Bonsai across the globe, new subjects are turning up now-a-days. Native trees are also becoming popular with bonsai enthusiasts. Bonsai plants for Pines or Junipers are grown best in temperate climate while Bonsai of Figs are popularly grown in tropical regions. So you can get one according to the climate of your locality.

4.    We Shouldn’t Give Fertilizers to Bonsai

This is a scary myth given that fertilizers essentially are plant food. While nature feeds the plants planted in the ground, they are contained by the need to be fed with fertilizers. Some people have even gone to the extent of weakening their fertilizer strength to cut down on the process of growth. But the secret to a healthy bonsai plant is to provide its proper meal by adding fertilizer the way it is instructed.

5.    It is very difficult to make a Bonsai

Once you get a bonsai, you will know enough about the fundamentals of horticulture needed to take care of your bonsai. It is pretty easy to know more and get educated on the traditions surrounding bonsai. You can search for the videos related to bonsai plants online or talk to experts over the internet to have an in depth knowledge of bonsai aesthetics.  So, calling it difficult doesn’t only denigrate someone’s enthusiasm but it also negates the fact that everyone’s got to start from somewhere.

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