This is How Republic Day Can Be Special

Celebrating Eco-friendly Republic Day in India - Green Decor

What does Republic day mean to you? Is it about the parade marching with pomp and show, the speeches that the leaders debate on, everyone paying attention to the national anthem for just one day, or is it about just the date when Patriotism seems to be a well-celebrated idea?

Republic day is about remembering the vows of January 26 when the constitution came into force, after which India completed the transition towards becoming an independent republic nation. But haven’t we forgotten our constitutional values and the duties that we have to implement in the shadow of claiming our rights?

Yes, we do have, and among all these buried duties, one duty is towards the environment. Patriotism isn’t just about anthems and speeches; it is about spreading awareness for the environment and making the country a better place to live in. 

In tune with the aura of Patriotism

Plants aren’t just ornamentals or objects of exploitations; they are also a great way to relay messages of acknowledgment to veterans, fallen soldiers, those who are currently serving the nation, and their military families. Even if you aren’t much into the decoration, take a look at these plant gifts online and gift them to a martyr’s family as a token of appreciation and love for your nation, or gift them to your colleague, friend, family or even any institution as a gift to the environment on your behalf. 

1.    Anthurium

These herbaceous epiphytes have ornamental leaves and bright coloured flower spathe. The plant is universally known as the symbol of hospitality and abundance, as well as happiness. Isn’t that what India really about? A manifestation of abundance wrapped in hospitality and the rich heritage of culture that evokes happiness?  

2.      Peace Lily

Rather than installing air conditioners, you can always take some of this peace lily to your home because they look peaceful and are among one of the best air purifying plants you can buy online.

Plants of Peace Lily - Green Decor

3.      Dahlia

These beautifully ruffled flowers represent dignity and pomp. So these plants would feel right at any occasion like that of Republic day that is related to great pomp and show.

Potted Plants of Dahlia - Green Decor

4.      Chrysanthemum

According to plant symbolism, Chrysanthemum delivers a simple message; honesty. Patriotism and honesty are just two words that are often interlinked because if you are honest with your country, you prompt a sense of Patriotism. 

Flower of Chrysanthemum plant - Green Decor

5.      White or Orange Roses

What can be a better way to honour the tricolour than using these splendid flowers? You can opt for these rose plants, and they will look delightful as centrepieces in your balcony and would live for quite a while, unlike the short-lived wreaths and bouquets.

Potted White Rose Plant - Green Decor
Potted Plants of Roses - Green Decor

Celebrate new beginnings

This republic day, rather than just celebrating your past glory of the year 1950, take a step ahead and celebrate new beginnings. You may or may not have a green thumb, but you cannot deny the fact of how much plants are important for bringing in the green revolution in a country. Swear to mother nature that you will keep your country clean and take the above-listed amazing plants to your home!

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