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Birthdays are just like any other day if they wouldn’t have a speciality called lots of positive energy and good vibes in them. And what can be better than plants to send good vibes? If you think that the birthday guy or girl has a green thumb, then you can always gift them these plants and tell them that you care for them and wish them a healthy life ahead.

In one way, or the other we as humans have an innate attraction towards plants. We feel relaxed when we are around greenery and green plants breathe life in our surroundings. Go through some of these plants and pick the best plant to gift on birthday.

1.    Lucky bamboo

Two stalks of the lucky bamboo represent love; three represent happiness and long life; five represents wealth and six represents good luck. Gift someone with the message that you want to convey using the stalks and wish them good luck. All you need to do is to find the best bamboo plant gift online.

Different Types of Lucky Bamboo Plants - Green Decor

2.    Croton Petra

The colour changing foliage of Croton Petra symbolizes change. It is a great gift for someone who is moving out of a place or is reluctant to adapt to the changes happening in their life. You can gift it to someone with a hidden message speaking of the fact that – “be strong as a hill in the storm of changes”. 

Potted Plant of Croton Petra - Green Decor

3.    Roses

If you start talking of classic gift options, roses would probably be the first thought that would swing in your mind. These plants look delightful, smell pleasant and improve relaxation and sleep, providing calming vibes in the atmosphere where they are planted. Rather than making an artificial arrangement or bouquet of cut picked roses you can always gift a potted plant on anyone’s birthday and let them have a beautiful living plant of their own whose smell will remind them of you.

Potted Rose Plants of Different Colours in Gift Pack - Green Decor

4.    Succulents

These are tenacious plants that look absolutely stunning. Succulents are named so because they store water in their thick leaves and stems. Besides that, these plants are extremely easy to grow indoors, which makes them a quite low-maintenance gift. They symbolize endurance and timeless love which are quite important in anyone’s life.

Combo of different kind of coloured succulent plants - Green Decor

5.    Silver Dust

Fewer people know about this amazing plant which is the all-time cure for migraines and headaches. It is also quite beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle and a lot of times the plant is also used as eyewash for cataracts as well as blurred visions. The plant is easy to maintain, and they look delightful as well. So they can undoubtedly make the best birthday gifts ever. 

Plants of Silver Dust - Green Decor

Cheers to a new life!

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated in special ways because just like New Year is for new beginnings; birthdays are for one more special year of achievements in your life. There is no rule book that dictates you to bring cakes and presents wrapped in shiny paper as Gifts. You can always gift someone a plant and show them the warm thoughts that you bear for them. Also, don’t forget to give a touch of personalization to the pot after you choose the right plant as the birthday gift. 

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