Non Toxic Plants for Home

Keeping plants at home is a healthy practice and needful too, however one must focus on the toxicity level of any plant that is kept indoors as many plants can be toxic in taste and their reaction can prove injurious to health of kids and pets at home. There are many species of plants that are wild in nature though they appear beautiful in looks and appeal. You might fall for the plant’s artistic looks and great aroma, however do understand its toxic level that it is not dangerous for you and your family at home.

Like for e.g. one can find a basil plant (Tulsi Plant) in almost every home, however not many know that a Tulsi leaf is never chewed as it contains high level of mercury substance in it which can damage the gums and teeth for sure. Likewise there are many plants which aren’t safe to be kept at home. Here we bring you a list of most popular and desirable home plants that are good to be kept indoors and cherished for long.

1) Boston fern: Not all the ferns are non-toxic, but Boston Fern is good to go with indoors. Boston Fern make good houseplants as they are low maintenance and good looking too. Keep them well watered and away from direct sunlight and they will be with you for long.


2) Spider Plant: One of the very popular and enduring house plant is spider plant, which is not only non-toxic but also purify indoor air and uplift the air quality to a great extent. All it needs is moderate sunlight i.e. shades and mild watering for its survival. It is good for pets too.


3) Jade Plant : It is a year round house plant, non-toxic in nature and its thick glossy green leaves will add up to your home décor. Jades also comes as succulents and bonsai too. Keep Jade and be safe.


4) Areca Palm : This plant has the capacity to grow for about 6 to 7 feet, though they come in small sizes too. Areca Palm is a safe plant to be kept indoors and lighten up the house décor. These plants have the ability to uplift the indoor air quality and purify the air. Safe for pets and family members too. Not much of watering is required for Areca Palm and they enjoy indirect sunlight.


5) Bamboo Palm : It is another house friendly palm like Areca and easy to maintain with minimal care required. Experts suggest to keep this plant in an open space with indirect sunlight and water it when the soil turns dry. They would surely add up to your home décor and would lighten up any corner of your house.


Apart from the above listed plants there are many others like herbal plants which may include Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Lemon Balm and likewise. Apart from herbal plants being house friendly they also make up for a good kitchen garden and breath fresheners. Always remember even non-toxic plants may prove to be bad for health for certain individuals if consumed excessively. However non-toxic plants won’t be fatal in their reactions.

So keep non-toxic plants at home and make your family safe and greenful. For more information on plants and their upkeep, you may visit and get plenty of information on plants, alternatively you may call 9953 572 573 to speak to our customer care executive.





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