Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden at Home

To have your own rooftop vegetable garden is a good idea even if you do not have much open area in your house. Growing veggies of your own at home is easy and simple even if you are low with space. A common myth is that vegetables can only be grown in large fields with plenty of running water. Well how about a 10 ft. by 3 ft. soil bed that gives you kilograms of potato, tomato, Apple Gourd, Mint, Chillies and many more vegetables periodically. By growing your own vegetables at home you would ensure pesticide free, fresh and organically grown nutritious veggies for your family. It’s both interesting and rewarding too.

To begin with, all that you need initially is adequate quality of soil mix and some veggie saplings/seeds of your choice that you would prefer to grow. However once you begin, it is important to take care of the soil bed in terms of manure feed and watering frequency so that the roots are sufficiently fed for a healthy produce. One of the important ingredient to your growing patch is the kind of fertilizer or manure you use to maximize the yield and cultivate high quality vegetables. Organically prepared and manure rich soil helps to boost the cultivation of the veggies and keeps the produce healthy and nutritious. As far as the location of the soil bed is concerned, it is advisable to choose a sunny spot where the roots can receive plenty of sunlight. At least six hours a day direct sunlight is advisable with adequate drainable source.

Another important factor to consider before preparing to bring up a kitchen garden is to make sure the soil bed is not too much over crowded with the plantation of seeds which may hamper the growth of the roots and produce. Meaning there by, make sure the spacing between the seed ploughing is enough to accommodate the growth. Different veggies would require different spacing tactics. Therefore it is advisable that you read the spacing guidelines mentioned on the grow kits package. The germination of vegetables depend upon the quality of seeds that you sow in. High quality seeds would yield better results. There are two ways to prepare soil bed either grounded or raised (above the ground level around 2 ft.), both the alternatives are equally effective, just that the raised ones are convenient and easy to drain. You may use organic compost, shredded tree leaves, animal manure as fertilizer for growing beds. Organic matter drastically improves the fertility of the soil and reaps fruitful results.

Crop rotation is also a good idea to practice. Whereby you periodically change the variety of crops to grow so that the soil does not deplete the same nutrients year on year basis. Also it prevents the pests and rodents to get accustomed to the crops eating. This way you are keeping away the pests and also maximizing on the total yield produced.

So, what are you waiting for, start today the process of growing your own vegetables and enable your family to eat healthy and fresh veggies which are home grown organically. Not only they are nutrients rich but also delicious to the fullest. Keep the factors mentioned in this article in mind like Spacing, Crop Rotation, Organic Manure, Soil Quality, Watering Frequency and Sunny Spot and you are good to grow.

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