Get the Healthiest Office with These 4 Office Table top Plants

Areca Palm in a beautiful pot - Green Decor

Plants and their beneficiaries are endless. But it’s not just the exterior plants that are being talked about. With a wide variety of office plants that not only lift up your employee’s and client’s mood and put up a warm welcome but also add major health benefits to every staff that’s in a closed space for about 90% of their working time, office plants are perhaps one of the healthiest natural options.

Studies show that introducing plants to an office environment can reportedly reduce absenteeism by a heavy cut of 50%. That’s not all. Plants also help in battling away 30-33% of minor illnesses. Being full of sheer beauty and perfection and having a soothing effect on the souls of the onlookers, there are added innumerable benefits of these plants that make them an incredible joy to withhold. With green decor to your aid, worry not while you shop the freshest of the greens from the best!

Let not the congested room make you feel giddy and breathless.

Most of the office rooms these days are furnished with predominantly sealed air and that’s where the trouble kicks in. With the fast depletion of oxygen in a congested room with so many employees and clients there are huge amounts of carbon monoxide accumulation and toxic cleaning chemicals when added, end up giving a hard time. In such hard times, the ultimate saviour is the office table top plants and a whole range of indoor plants that clean the air naturally making your workplace breathable, heavenly and fill it with unmatched tranquility. Here is a list of plants that come in real handy when it comes to cleaner, happier air:

  1. Areca palm – With heavy detoxifying properties, it exempts the air of toluene and xylene and renders it completely safe, not only for humans but also for any animals around.
  1. Golden money plant – One plant near each computer miraculously minimize radiation and also has a heavy decrease in anxiety and stress. They are highly efficient at eradicating toxic airborne gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
  1. Bamboo palm – Be it formaldehyde, toluene or gasoline fumes, this gorgeous green plant is your answer to a green solution for your office mess.
  1. Spider plant – Attributes of its arachnoid similarities make this plant a beautiful addition to your office. Not just an ornamental plant, it also takes good care of purifying the air you breathe in.

‘A thing of beauty might be a joy forever.’

Humans are known to have an inclination towards nature and its ineffable beauty. Not just a lucrative deal of happiness for the potential clients, these plants also instill well-being among employees. Eradicating stress and filling the air with unparalleled tranquility and peace while enhancing the aesthetics remarkably is a boon these corporate green gifts in Delhi have to offer.

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