Eco-friendly Resolutions to Make 2018 Greener around You

Eco friendly resolution list for greener 2018 - Green Decor

As we transition into 2018, there are a number of resolutions swirling around in our minds. What new things will I try this year? Is there anything exciting, yet satisfying to do? While most resolutions, well, are not destined for long, there’s one decision you can definitely make this New Year: make your house and surroundings greener! Remember, being green isn’t about being perfect; it’s about caring about your family, neighbourhood and Mother Earth. Therefore, spread awareness about encouraging greenery all around. For this, you can gift plants online. Also there are other garden plants in India to present as gifts to your neighbours and loved ones. In addition, here are some Eco-friendly resolutions that you can implement. Take a look –

Do a Yard Makeover

The world has a number of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes; from forests to wetlands. Taking inspiration from that, you can go for a complete lawn remodelling this New Year, to replicate the surroundings of the natural area you live in! First up, you can invite your neighbours and relatives to help with the yard makeover. Subsequently, you can add native plants and soils to your lawn such as local cacti and rocks to create a firm foundation. You can even order plants online that require zero to minimal maintenance for your revamped yard. Pay attention to encourage the presence of beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees, which are really helpful in keeping your lawn thrive.

Try Generating Your Own Compost

Fertilizers are the lifeline for any plant species, whether indoor or outdoor. Therefore, the quality of fertilizers plays a crucial role in determining the growth and longevity of plants. Instead of going for the synthetic variety of fertilizers, it is better to opt for organic fertilizers or compost that you generate from your house waste. Ideally, a family of four generates approximately 1 kg of waste every day, out of which 60 percent is organic. All this organic waste can be easily converted into quality compost at home, instead of going to the already overfilled dumping grounds. Homemade compost can work wonders for your potted plants and yard gardens. Therefore, give homemade compost a try this New Year!

Host an Eco Party

Your home is your responsibility, but so is your neighbourhood. Therefore, you need to find a common ground on something you can do with your neighbours and improve the community. For example, you can host an Eco-party, where you can together plant native trees, have a gardening workshop, do a beach or street cleanup, or use small plants for gifts. In India, there are a number of small gift plants and garden plants available online that you can share with your community members. These are some of the wonderful ways to bring your neighbours and community together and give back to the society.

Wrapping Up

The situation of environmental degradation has significantly worsened over the years. Therefore, planting a single tree or even a thousand of them just isn’t enough. The clock is ticking, and the ground reality is that it’s a race against time to regenerate the greenery on the planet Earth. That said, even if we make a conscious effort to help improve the situation by reducing the energy footprint of our home, we can bring about a change and inspire others to kick-start a revolution.

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