Best Aromatic Plants for Urban Home

The use of aromatic plants goes thousands of years ago, when people used natural flowering plants to neutralise the surroundings and suit fragrances of their own choice. Later in the modern world the natural aromas were replaced by chemical based room fresheners and perfumes which are fumigated and at times dangerous for health too. Using natural aromas through plants to add fragrance to your home or office is the easiest and harmless way to soothe any atmosphere. It is a proven fact that fragrances do affect our thought process and mental anxiety, One can feel positive vibes if the right aromas are used. You may also use aromatic plants for décor and they also act as mosquito repellents.

Right aromas can give you peace of mind and a sound sleep to have a refreshing day with high productivity levels. The studies show that our smell senses have direct impact on brain waves and its thinking capacity. The right or soothing aromas gives a positive sensory effect on our receiving organs and in turn the outcome we get is worthy enough. With our urban lifestyle becoming extremely stressful, Aroma plants can be a smart saviour for us to stay lively and fresh with right aromas around. Based on the recommendation of modern scientific research, here we list for you 5 aromatics plants best suited for home and offices as best indoor flowering plants which can be bought online.


  • Lavender: -Most widely bought indoor aromatic plant is Lavender which is a permanent member of flower garden. The use of Lavender is not limited to just aroma but its application ranges to food, cosmetics and also as herbal medicine. This plant is full of essential oil which have magical effect on human body and its marvellous fragrance gives mesmerizing effect. It grows fast and is easy to maintain indoors too. Lavender is a great healer of anxiety and sleep disorders.


  • Jasmine :- A beautiful looking white flowery plant exhales natural pleasing aroma to soothe its surroundings. Apart from the fragrance the plant is also used for medicinal purposes like anti-depressant and uplifting mood. Its essential oil is extremely useful to enhance immunity and fight flu and fever. Jasmine is also used as a flavour in tea to multiply it taste effect. It requires some sunshine to stay healthy and keep you afresh.


  • Rosemary :- Rosemary is a member of mint family which extract its name from latin word Ros meaning Dew and Marinus meaning Sea. According to the researchers the best possible use of Rosemary is its memory boosting property that can sharpen your mind and alertness. Keep the Rosemary plant around and feel the difference.


  • Mint :- Mint is a very popular herb also known as Mentha used as mouth and breath freshener. The strong and natural aroma of mint gives you a refreshing fragrance and is quick remedy of health issue like nausea. Undoubtedly mint is an effective fragrant which last longer and is easy to keep at home.


  • Citrus :-Citrus family is very sweet scented plant to be grown and kept at home. Orange, lemon, grapefruit are popular members of the citrus family. Citrus plants are easy to grow and maintain provided they get enough light.


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