Best 8 Indoor Plants to Gift This Upcoming New Year

Celebrating New Year is all about giving voice to your aspirations, making realistic yet incredible resolutions, and sharing hopes with your near and dear ones. No matter how difficult or taxing situations were in the year gone-by, everything seems hopeful and beautiful at the onset of the brand new year. Therefore, as the world gets ready to bid adieu to 2017 and welcome 2018, let us celebrate the transition by starting a new trend: gifting beautiful indoor plants to our loved ones. To help you to select the perfect gift plants online, here are some of the most popular indoor plants for home and office spaces. Take a look.

Silver Dust

Image of Silver Dust Plant - Green Decor

Silver Dust, also known as Senecio cineraria, is a tender shrub, yet it’s one of the most sought-after gift plants online. Reason? It’s slightly lobed foliage which becomes paler and covers in a silvery grey fleece-like covering as the plant matures. The plant itself requires low maintenance and flourishes under partial sunlight in moderately moist soil; an ideal gift to someone who’s not fussy about watering the plants daily.

Earth Stars

Image of Earth Stars Plant - Green Decor

Classified under the category of terrestrial bromeliads (a family of monocot flowering plants), the Earth Star features a bright pink foliage with irregular green-coloured stripes donning the entire foliage space. The plant is native to North America, yet flourishes easily in tropical climate with a well-drained soil, high humidity, and average moisture. Bonus tip: placing the Earth Star under high intensity light (not direct sunlight) helps produce the most intense foliage colours.

Foxtail Fern

Image of Foxtail Fern plant - Green Decor

Foxtail ferns are not exactly ferns; rather they are multiplied from seeds and develop no spores. These fern-like plants have a unique, symmetrical look with arching plumes of closely packed, needle-like leaves. While the plant bears white-coloured flowers, it produces red berries. Overall, it is an exciting and exclusive looking indoor plant for your home or office space.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Image of Bird's Nest Fern Plant - Green Decor

The Bird’s Nest Fern, also known as Asplenium Nidus, is a versatile house plant that grows well under ample lighting and cooler temperature conditions. This beautiful variety of fern features naturally glossy leaves, circularly arranged to resemble a bird’s nest. The plant is also one of the easiest indoor plants to maintain at home and requires very less pruning or watering.

Golden Money Plant

Image of Golden Money Plant - Green Decor

Be it Vaastu-Shastra or Feng Shui, the Golden Money Plant is believed to harbour good luck, wealth, happiness, and prosperity in any living space it is placed. This popular variety of money plants grows down and hangs in delicate, cascading vines, which can easily be manipulated to cover the entire living room space. You need to keep a stem of the plant immersed in water and let the money plant decorate the indoors and the outdoors.


Image of Poinsettias Plant - Green Decor

Possibly the most beautiful looking plant in this list, Poinsettias are cheery plants with brightly coloured bracts that serve as an excellent Christmas and New Year gift. Poinsettias don’t have flowers; instead, they have a bunch of brightly coloured upper leaves or bracts. These plants are native to Southern Mexico and Central America, and bloom in various colour schemes including lemon, peach, cream, pink, white and gold-splashed leaves. Such is the beauty of these plants that each year, America celebrates December 12th as the National Poinsettia Day.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Image of Madagascar Dragon Tree Plant - Green Decor

Don’t be surprised by the unusual name of this plant. Madagascar Dragon Tree receives its name because of the tufts of pointed leaves atop its distinct, chevron-marked stems that remain upright. The plant bears long, slender, green leaves banded in red or pink, attached to the stem without a stalk. The plant is known to add colour and beautiful texture to different surfaces including tabletops and desks.

Aluminium Plant

Image of Aluminium Plant - Green Decor

As the name suggests, aluminium plants (also known as Pilea Cadierei) are characterized by pointed green-coloured leaves splashed with metallic silver patterns. The silver patterning on each leaf is unique and helps create a beautiful tapestry of shapes on the plant. The individual leaves grow and branch-out just like an umbrella. You can surely earn brownie points with your loved ones by gifting them this distinctive indoor plant.

Wrapping Up

Each year, as we celebrate the beginning of a brand new calendar year, the air seems to be filled with a renewed zeal and fervour. We form resolutions to accomplish newer milestones, and vow to create and cherish happier memories and relationships. What better way to celebrate and strengthen your bond with your loved ones than gifting them a beautiful, living plant that symbolizes all your hopes and aspirations. Let us know in comments, which bonsai plants you’re going to order online as a gift on upcoming New Year?

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