Best 5 Indoor Plants Which Helps to Cure Colds and Insomnia

Are you consuming drugs or any other medication to treat your cold or Insomnia? However, according to an investigation, there is no point in consuming medicines to cure a cold. Similarly it is better to avoid taking sleeping pills as far as you can. Since ancient times various garden plants in India have been utilized as part of the Ayurvedic medicines and are a firm base of Indian & Chinese medication as well. Thanks to these indoor plants that help you heal not only your stuffy nose & cold but overcome sleeping disorders too by purifying the air. So now you don’t have to put up with sleep-deprived nights.

1. Aloe-Vera

A plant of immortality, full of vitamins & minerals neither requires much attention nor does it cost much to your pocket. Unlike others, it is one of those plants which release oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night. This purifying property of Aloe Vera makes it a perfect choice to keep at your bedside to grow fresh air in your room while you sleep tight. The oxygen released by this plant acts as a vital fuel and allows the removal of impurities leaving a tranquillizing impact on our body and mind to boost a healthy sleep. Order Aloe Vera plants online or know more info about this plant here.

2. Areca Palm

Releasing ample amounts of moisture in the air and adding an aesthetically pleasing value to improve the overall wellness of your surroundings Areca Palm mops away all pollutants to makes it easier for you to breathe &the clean air triggers the sleep more quickly. Order Areca Palm plants online or know more info about this plant here.

3. Spider Plant

If your premises has serious indoor air pollution especially if it is a cancer-causing pollutant, formaldehyde is detected then planting spider plant can evacuate it up to 90%, which has been proved by NASA scientists. Those who suffer sinuses and dust allergies spider plant is a magical remedy for them as well. It also promotes good sleep by detoxing the air you breathe and absorbing unpleasant odour. Order Spider plants online or know more info about this plant here.

4. Boston Fern

The volatile organic products releasing from furniture, wood, carpet, and paints can be scrubbed off if you have filled your house with this beautiful, inexpensive and natural air purifier. Boston Fern is the one amongst the top ten air purifying plants in NASA’s list and having fresh air in your room is the ticket to a great night’s sleep as well. Order Boston Fern plants online or know more info about this plant here.

5. Lavender

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If sleep deprivation is taking a toll on your health try this natural sleep aid. Lavender’s neuro-protective properties, pleasant aroma that is mildly sedative too helps you sleep better. Lavender oil also has myriad of medicinal properties and this plant itself is naturally antiseptic.

In this modern age where hazardous chemicals are hiding everywhere from the food we eat to the air we breathe, growing certain indoor plants to heal various diseases naturally is not a bad idea at all. Keep other such popular herbal plants or medicinal plants at your home to cure general cold and insomnia like other ailments in a natural way.


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