Best 4 Plants for the Bathroom Area in Your Home

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Incorporating indoor plants into your home is a simple, yet efficient way to introduce natural beauty into your living space and remove any negative energy from the surroundings. We often see a variety of succulent and other indoor plants donning the living room, kitchen, patio, balconies, and entrances; however, one area is usually neglected – the bathroom. Well, this is not fair! Even the bathroom can benefit from the presence of delightful and appealing succulent plant varieties. To help you revamp the bathroom decor and enhance the positive vibes around the area, Green Decor brings to you four of the best indoor plants for home available to buy online. Take a look –

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily in a pot by Green Decor

Peace Lily is probably the best indoor plant for the bathroom area because the plant has the ability to reduce humidity levels by absorbing moisture from the air. And, the best part? It can do this despite being watered and while purifying the surrounding air of certain contaminants. The Peace Lily also requires a small amount sunlight to thrive; therefore, indoor environments are perfect for the sustenance of this species. These plants are easily identifiable because of their large leaves (each leaf can grow up to 12–65 cm of length and 3–25 cm of breadth) and flowers, which are produced in a spadix, surrounded by a 10–30 cm long, white, yellowish, or greenish spathe. To explore other benefits and maintenance tips of Peace Lily plant click here.

2. Boston Fern

Boston Fern Plant in a pot by Green Decor

Boston fern easily ranks among the best plant species for home, especially bathrooms. This plant species thrive in more moist climates; therefore, it’s conducive for absorbing good amounts of humidity from the air indoors. In addition, the Boston Ferns also eliminates serious air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the environment. In terms of maintenance, the species only requires indirect sunlight and moist soil. Besides, being an excellent air dehumidifier, the Boston fern is also a magnificent decorative plant with slender arching fronds and small leaves. To explore other benefits and maintenance tips of Boston fern plant click here.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plants in Pot by Green Decor

Probably the most beautiful plant species in this list, the Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum, is another excellent choice for bathroom plants available online. The plant got its name because of the arching clumps of grass-like leaves and dangling stems that are characteristic of this species. Despite being impressive-looking and low-maintenance, the spider plant is effective in removing toxic substances from the air such as formaldehyde and balance various humidity levels. As the plant has the ability to rapidly propagate itself, you don’t even have to be concerned about its survival in the indoor environment. To explore other benefits and maintenance tips of Spider plants click here.

4. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is one of the most popular varieties of succulent plants available online and also the most robust of the plants featured in this list. Don’t be fooled by its tall, narrow, stiff leaves; the plant is highly tolerant of poor soil and low light conditions, and also removes excess moisture from the air. You can easily identify the plant by its characteristic dark green, pale green, green edged with yellow, variegated light green and yellow colored leaves. You can also see delicate flower spikes developing on some species. To know maintenance tips for Snake plants and its other benefits click here.

Wrapping Up

Most of the succulent plant varieties available to buy online, can easily enliven the atmosphere of your bathroom. Plants species such as ferns, shrubs, and cacti not only require less maintenance but also work perfectly as a decor accessory and dehumidifier for the bathroom area. Therefore, invest in some of the best plants for your bathroom and reap the benefits of having a beautiful, green plant in your living space.

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  • Emma Clemantine 4 years ago Reply

    Great options of plants for the bathroom. They will really look amazing in the bathroom, I was not actually planning to keep plants in my bathroom, but now I will think of keeping it. I really liked that spider plant and snake plant a lot. Thank you for sharing this great blog. Keep Updating.

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