5 Mind-Blowing Reasons for Gifting House Plants This Mother’s Day

Gifting Plants for Mothers Day - Green Decor

The emotional backbone of any family a mother is the only individual who is capable of nurturing a child’s heart and soul with all her warmth and magic touch. Someone has rightly said “A life without mother is a graveyard” or it wouldn’t be incorrect to state “Each mother is like oxygen for her child”

Though to celebrate and honour the “The symbol of God” no special day is compulsory. However, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, gifting your Mom something that grows to fill her everyday life with freshness and fragrances would bring a great deal of excitement in her stagnant life. To tell your mom that how grateful you’re to have her unconditional love and devotion in your life, gifting her with a timeless gift of some of the best plants for home would be a super hit thought.

  • Air-purifier plants for organic Moms

A health-conscious mother will always take big steps like mindful eating, regular workouts for the fitness of the entire family. What about air free from contamination? Do you know that indoor environment stagnates the pollutants and fills your house with toxic chemicals? Well, most people may not, however, this Mother’s Day educating and gifting your mother with some air purifying indoor plants for home such as snake plant or Money Plant will enable her to achieve the objective of boosting health and immunity of the entire family.

  • Flower plants for inspiring Moms

This Mother’s Day if you are planning to surprise your mother with her favourite bouquet then instead delight her with potted flowers because these small plants for gifts will not only last more than several days but may grow bigger and better every year under proper care. To everyone’s delight now buying and gifting plants online is as simple as gifting flowers or bouquet online.

  • Stress buster plants for professional Moms

The juggling act of maintaining a balance between work and family may lead to feelings of guilt and stress in working women. Most women ignore or procrastinate when it comes to their own health and care needs. Well, if you’re looking for a moderate and natural option to de-stress your mom then gift her some indoor plants with refreshing fragrances and calming properties (Lavender, Jasmine etc.) for a restful ambience. These plants will help your stressed mom chill out every day unlike a temporary relief from a spa or masseuse.

  • Herbal plants for chef Moms

One of the greatest ways of expressing their affection and to fill your life with adoration and nourishment your mother invests hours in the kitchen. Gifting her herbal plants or personalised herbal garden of Thyme, Oregano, and Basil offering aromatic and medicinal properties this Mother’s Day will be one of the best options than any other kitchen accessories or new kitchen gadgets.

  • Succulent plants for creative Moms

It is hard to please moms having innovative and creative mindsets but gifting her something trash turned into treasure from your house will surely surprise and bring a wide grin on such mother’s face. Pots, bowls, empty bottles, old toys or small mementos can be turned into unique homes of tiny succulent plants giving another dimension to your decor ideas. Low maintenance, long lifespan, astonishing varieties of colours, textures, size and above all an option to order succulent plants online makes them an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

We as a whole love our mothers and gifting these plants would guarantee their great well-being and our affection towards them.

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