5 Little Known Unique Reasons to Plant Trees on This Earth Day

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Earth, the most important and beautiful planet of the solar system that harbours and shields us from the space through its atmosphere surely deserves some pampering and a sound treat on its D-day. In our nation where on one hand we worship Earth as our “Motherland” are eventually doing disasters to destroy her. To satisfy our daily needs from food, water, clothing, and paper to killing wild animals, cutting trees and contaminating rivers we are not leaving any corner to generate a “CRISIS” for our coming generations.

Those who have never planted a tree in their life must plant at least once this Earth day to feel the delight of nurturing and growing a tree for decades and in some way repaying the great debt we owe to Mother Nature.

  • Add music to your life

Planting a tree will do significantly more than you might think to your life. A tree is a home to numerous lives and one of them is the chirping birds. A day beginning with the most beautiful, perplexing, and sweet melodies of these birds will brighten up your mornings.

  • Increase your property value

The money doesn’t grow on trees can go wrong here as planting some of the best varieties of garden plants available in India to your landscape will add a visual interest to the exteriors and expedite great return on your investments through its increased market value.

  • Enhance the freshness of your space

A room with large windows to see outside natural greenery or a balcony surrounded with all trees will enable you to unwind and associate with natural freshness. On the other hand, bringing some of the best plants for your home or office will add a touch of freshness along with releasing lots of oxygen inside your premises.

  • Reduce ozone around you

Ozone, one of the main components of air pollution can damage the bronchioles and alveoli in your lungs along with many other adverse effects on your health. Planting, some indoor plants for air purification such as snake plant or spider plants will help in reducing ozone concentration at a higher rate than the spaces without them.

  • Gift your kids the shade of your love

If you own your home, planting a tree in your patio, front area or even somewhere near your home will be an extraordinary gift for your junior to sit in the shade to catch a fresh breath of air.Somewhere investing in these small plants for gifting your next generation a healthy tomorrow will be a great contribution to saving the Earth as well.

Now, when you have decided to fill your home with some of the best indoor plants or to use as a green-gift for your employees but don’t have an easy access to buy them. In that case, you may approach us for some easily approachable and reliable places to buy indoor and outdoor plants of your choice at discounted prices.

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