Why Plants are the Better Corporate Gifts for Your Clients, Employees, or Customers?

Eco-friendly Corporate Gifting by Green Decor

Plants are essentially much more than the aggregate of their roots, stems, leaves and fronds. They fill in as an indication of nature’s untamed magnificence that we crave beyond the limits of our homes and workplaces. Plants are long-lasting, living gifts. Their simplicity, consistent growth and relatively low-maintenance make them a unique and exemplary eco-friendly choice for corporate gifting.

Choose a perfect “Green Gift” as per your preferences and revolutionize “Green Thinking”.

Succulent plants in a gift packaging by Green Decor

In the recent times, corporate firms and business enterprises are exhibiting an increased adherence and encouragement towards adapting the innovative concept of Green Gifting.

You can share or gift a plant with an aim to directly connect your company with Mother Nature amid the relentless push and pull of the urban hustle. It also enables your company to become ecologically and socially capable.

You can inculcate a strong bond of care, affection and humanity with well-tended indoor plants as excellent corporate gifts for customers, stakeholders, employees and employees’ families. They’re investments to be marveled at for ages and handed over through generations.

Poinsettia plant in a gift wrap by Green Decor

Green Gifting comes with a great many ecological advantages such as decreasing carbon traces, improving work or home efficiency, upgrading aesthetic allure and fostering a green value.

The factors that set apart the design and implementation of “give plant gifts” as the most suitable strategy for corporate gift ideas are as follows:

  • It’s a gift that helps to increase customer retention.
  • It’s a gift that continues giving for years to come.
  • It’s a gift that’s a stand out from the remaining; a living gift.
  • It’s an eco-friendly gift, encased sustainable, and offered with a personalized greeting card.
  • It’s a gift for clients that renders another mutual idea sharing opportunity.

Whether it’s the Annual Day, Women’s Day, Environment Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali, Christmas or a token of gratitude towards your employees, customers or other individuals who matter, plants make an immaculate offering.

A Christmas tree as a gift - Green Decor

The design and presentation of a typical green gift comprise of the following components.

  • A top-of-the-line center-grade garden plant
  • A card inscribed with your personalized message
  • A plant care card with nurturing instructions
  • Custom-made corrugated boxes formed of cardboard, which are created to ensure the plant’s protection during delivery. The containers are completely recyclable.
  • Big size plants are inserted into easy-to-handle, drawstring tote bags

Recommended indoor plants that bestow corporate gift ideas for clients and employees are summarized below:

  1. Good Luck Plants
    1. Lucky Bamboo
    2. Money Plant
    3. Peace Lily
    4. Jade
  2. Air Purifying Plants
    1. Spider Plant
    2. Snake Plant
    3. Fern
    4. Areca Palm
    5. Gerbera
  3. Ornamental Plants
    1. Aralia
    2. Desert Rose Bonsai
    3. Dracena
    4. Peacock Plant
    5. Asparagus Fern
    6. Schefflera
    7. Calladium
    8. Cactus Plant

Succulents in a gift wrap for corporate gifting by Green Decor

Plants that produce bountiful fruits and fragrant flowers offer twofold the pleasure and promise that your novel gift is the upper crust. Think of a home garden or a patio. Does it have a gratification without a lemon or a lime? Besides, what could be superior to getting your clients plucking a fruit off a tree and reminiscing that you gifted the plant to them years earlier?

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