Working from Home? This is What You Need!

An employee working from home due to Coronavirus

When nature decides, nobody can stand in the way. That’s what happened in the case of Australia bushfire and then Corona Virus that started sprawling from, China. WHO has already declared COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic and with the implementation of Section 144 in some prominent areas isolation has left to be the only option.

Embracing the quarantine customs

But there’s a positive side to it as well. The people who used to exploit nature for their own needs are now craving for a piece of nature in between their monotonous and exhausting lives. Recently between all the chaos of the Corona Virus, corporate environments have shifted the cubicle culture to “work from home” slots claiming to be supportive of the Quarantine values.

Grab your houseplant now!

Do you know plants can absorb background noise? Indoor plants can work as great stress busters at times when you feel jailed. They won’t let you feel claustrophobic because they are great air purifiers and of course greenery in your surroundings will never hurt! Even the slightest change in the working patterns can make a positive difference when you are working from home. Here are some of the best office tabletop plants that are here to prove this point. Have a look.

1. Jade Plant

Do you want good vibes on your desk? Then Jade plant is the ultimate choice. The leaves of Jade plants resemble jade coins or stones so the plant is known to be a symbolic representation of prosperity and growth.

Jade Plant by Green Decor - leading online plant nursery in Delhi NCR

2. Money Plant

Money plant enhances the Oxygen inflow and filters the air. The plant is believed to be helpful in avoiding sleeping disorders and frequent arguments. Also, the plant is recommended by Feng Shui experts to be kept near TVs, computers or routers to reduce stress and anxiety.

Money Plant by Green Decor - Delhi NCR based top online plant nursery

3. Dracaena reflexa

Popularly known as “Song of India”, this beautiful houseplant is NASA’s one of the favourite air purifier plants. If you live in the heart of a bustling city then there are more chances of getting infected by airborne pollutants which makes this plant a great addition for your office desk.

Plant of Dracaena reflexa commonly known as "Song of India" by Green Decor

Which houseplant matches your vibe? Get one of these, or can opt for a combo pack of your favourite plants for a healthy home-office. With green plants, you can make your home-office more welcoming. Alternatively, you can also buy these plants for corporate gifting to boost your employee productivity in the best suitable greener and eco-friendly way.

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