Type of Plants Which You Can Gift Your Father on This Father’s Day?

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This Father’s Day giving plants to your father can be a great gift idea. These plants do not only brighten up the environment, but also you will be giving away a living being on this joyful occasion. Gifting plants to any special one will always be one of the caring gestures which also inspire admiration and respect for nature.

Express your love to your father in a greener way by gifting him his favourite plant on this father’s day.

If your father is one of those who loves gardening or spends hours fixing and pruning the pots of the terrace, there is no better gift for him than something that has to do with nature. For those parents who are lost among plants and flowers, we have listed below some plant categories for your green gifting ideas on this father’s day:

Easy care plants

Plants for gifting under this category do not require so much caring time to preserve their joy and its colours. Some example of these type of plants are cactus and ferns.

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So if you want to give plants as a gift option, you can choose one of these less caring plants if your father is a busy man and cannot spend so much time for plants care.

Air Purifying plants

Some of air purifier plants like Snake Plant or Peace Lily can be a good gifting option for this father’s day. These plants are very good air purifiers. Gift him to make his office air more cleaner and healthier. Along with its air purifying nature these plants can also be used as office decorative plants and can be put on your office desk as a decorative accessories.

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You can explore some more air purifier plants here.

Medicinal & Herbal Plants

These type of plants include those plants which have medicinal importance or which is edible in any form. If your father loves to eat natural herbs and more inclined to Ayurveda to cure and maintain their health, then plants under these categories will prove to be a good gifting options on this father’s day. Option to eat natural home grown herbs that are nutritious and chemical free will surely please him. Also home grown medicinal plants will surely help him to get a better immunity. Few plants under this category you can gift to your father are:

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Gifting your father a bonsai can also be an excellent gift idea. Since due to the fact that it is a miniature tree, it would be like giving your father a piece of nature. This is also the ideal gift if your father is constantly busy and often has high levels of stress, as bonsai are known to convey the sense of calmness. A few gift options under this category are:

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If you are still unclear about the ideal gift for this Father’s Day, talk to us! Tell us what your father likes and based on that we will suggest you more beautiful gift plants you can buy online to make this day of the year even more special for your father as well as for you.

Additionally, you can also explore our online plants nursery yourself for other indoor plants for home which may be a good gifting option.

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