Top 6 Gift Plants for Sharing Joy & Happiness in a Eco-friendly Way

Peace Lily plant in a beautiful pot for gifting by GreenDecor

We often find ourselves in a situation when we scramble hard to figure out a flawless gift for someone. Most people struggle between gift cards, clothes, jewelleries and flowers. But the irony is that some of these are too simple or momentary while others are long lasting but not fancy enough. This is when potted plants can be a great idea!

Be it any occasion a plant can be the perfect gift for it. Starting from house warming parties to the office parties these plants have proved to be the best alternative. Plants are surely something that is equally appreciated by the plutocratic and the poor. Given below are some plants that are known to be great for personal as well as corporate green gift in Delhi. Let’s explore them!

  1. Bonsai

The culture of Bonsai though experienced its inception in China but now this adorable miniature version has a large fan following worldwide including India. Known to be a great stress reliever these plants can make you more patient and physically active. There are many options like that of Dwarf Pomegranate, Adenium Obesum, Podacate, Ficus Bonsai and much more. You can gift these plants to any person who has a fascinating soft corner for trees and nature. Gift your loved ones a bonsai and tickle their nature lover out!

  • Roses

Apart from being fragrant as anything the flower of this plant also has many health beneficiary aspects. The flower can help to soothe skin irritation, relieve headache, soothe sore throat, prevents infections and enhances mood as you know. Gift someone a potted rose plant and tell them that you really care!

  • Petunia

These are known to be the best companion plants in existence till now because of the massive number of pests that they repel. Besides you can also gift these plants to anyone who has a vegetable garden in their balcony or anywhere. The sweet scent of these plants can help greatly to attract butterflies and moths for pollination hence helping the crops in reproduction.

  • Mogra

This is one awesome plant gift for anyone who is fed up of the hustle and bustle of their daily routine. Mogra is a stress buster flower that has some of the most well-known innate antiseptic properties. This is one natural aphrodisiac and is an anti cancerous agent that can ease cold and cough and ease spasms within no time.

  • Peace lily

This scintillating plant can significantly help to enhance the indoor air quality and reduce the level of mold spores that grow around the home. So if anyone is a cleanliness freak, then this can be a great alternative to gift them.

  • Aloe Vera

The medicinal property of this plant is hidden from no one. Besides having these wonderful antioxidant and antibacterial properties, this plant can also accelerate the healing of burns and can improve skin quality. Aloe Vera extracts are used by a lot of people to reduce constipation and blood sugar level as well. Isn’t it the ideal gift?

Gift a reason of the long-lasting happiness!

When any occasion is around the corner or you just need to make someone special, thinking about a long-lasting gift is something that we always do. In such a scenario you can buy these plants to send as gifts online which would be the best option to brighten up someone’s home in the scorching summer or bleak winter. The best part about these plants is that you don’t need to blow all your money on your gifting expenses and still the happiness of receiving the gift will remain unmatched.

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