Top 5 Air Purifying Plants

With the rising air pollution and unbearable dust particles in the air, the time has come to look for a natural way out to negate toxic effect that is affecting you and your family like a slow poison. Indeed environment cleaning is a responsibility of all and not just of the administration. Did you know that, based on a recent study by WHO, around 7 million annual deaths were reported due to the toxic content in the indoor and outdoor air exposure and a massive population has incurred serious diseases like respiratory problems, skin itching, headaches and likewise. Perhaps it is high time that we all pay attention to the problem of air pollution which is rising like a wild fire and in the times to come it will get worsened.

Also it has been revealed by the scientists at NASA, that indoor air is more toxic and polluted in comparison with the open air outside the four walls, thanks to the modern electronic gadgets that we are heavily surrounded with at home and offices like AC’s, Laptops, Refrigerators, LED’s and many more. They all emit dangerous gasses which are absolutely harmful to human body especially to the little kids at home.

Now how do we counter this as a challenge and what could be a probable solution to fight air pollution getting into our lungs every day, every minute and every second. Well, things could remain in control if each one of us showcase some sensibility and responsibility towards environment protection and keep plants around us, which are extremely effective in controlling air pollution and are equally appealing for décor purposes be it your home or office. Based on researcher’s opinion and recommendation of NASA, we have come out with a list of top 5 air pollution repellent plants or indoor air purifying plants that will serve dual purpose of purifying the air and give you a lively décor. These plants are:

  1. Areca Palm: – It is a unique yet classy anti air pollutant indoor plant. Its dark green long leaves gives you a perfect home décor and its low maintenance is a no trouble bonus.
  2. Rubber Plant: – Undoubtedly an effective air detoxifier recommended by botanists and environmental bodies around the world. Beautiful looks and elegant shape are like cherry on the top. A low maintenance indoor plant is a best buy house plant and can be shopped online.
  3. English Ivy: – A beautiful looking flowery plant suits best for home décor and also fights dangerous gas emissions emitted by modern electronic gadgets at home. A must keep indoor plant for home and office.
  4. Chlorophytum: – Chlorophytum is a popular house plant having mild green leaves with broad central white / yellow stripes. The fountain style colourful leaves make any dull corner dazzle up. Its low maintenance is a bonus with air cleaning properties and high oxygen benefit.
  5. Money Plant: – A popular house plant known to all with air cleaning properties and a lively décor for your home and office. It will grow indoors and exhibit high quantity of oxygen to give you purified air quality and detoxify air.

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