Top 10 Gift Plants for Working Professionals

Gift Plants for Workaholic Friends - Green Decor

It is difficult to take proper care of your plants especially when your receiver has a busy schedule as a working professional. So, a feasible gifting choice for plants can be the perfect gift for that one friend who’s always busy checking their schedule for your next hangout session. A low maintenance plant which can sustain itself on most days is what you should be looking for.

Some low maintenance plants have superior qualities and they require minimal effort to care for them. So, if you are planning to buy a plant for gifting someone then 10 plants enlisted below can be the perfect gift plants for you. Apart from sending a bamboo plant as a gift online, a great choice for your acquaintances or family, here is a list of 10 plants that require low-maintenance, and make an ideal present for your workaholic friend.

1.    Spider Plant

Spider plants can survive even under dire conditions and are quick to adapt to a new environment. To top that, they are durable and very easy to take care of.

2.    Schefflera

They add a tropical ambiance to the indoors and have beautiful foliage to look at. They can grow tall and wide but can be easily fit into tighter spaces if regulated accordingly.

3.    Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata)

These plants are often sold off as low light plants but they are prone to take spindly and longform. However, they grow better in well-lit conditions.

4.    Spider Lilly (Hymenocallis caribaea)

These are bulb-forming perennial plants that produce multiple shoots with strap-shaped leaves. White flowers can be observed at the end of their leaves and can grow up to 8 flowers, one in each stalk.

5.    Kaner or Bittu (Nerium oleander)

Nerium is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 4m in length and bears leave throughout the year. They can be found in higher altitudes and are commonly harvested for their sweet-smelling flowers which also have medicinal values.

6.    Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen can be a great gift for those who are starting out on keeping house plants. They are strong and can live in any condition they are grown in. They are equally beautiful as well.

7.    English Ivy

These plants grow quickly and spread over a wide area and can be grown easily in shades.h

8.    Elephant Bush

They are perennial succulent shrubs and can be grown easily as a low maintenance plant too. So it can be the best plant to gift on birthday to your colleagues.

9.    GoldDust

They are widely harvested as gold plants and are commonly seen indoor.

10. Song of India

Last but not the least, Dracaena – Song of India is an another popular house plant that can easily be grown even by gardening beginners without much hassle.

Above listed plants require minimal care. Some of these plants also help in creating a healthier environment by removing toxins from its surrounding air. Few are also regarded to be amongst plants that can effectively remove co2 during night time.

So, they can continue to clear your indoor airflow and help your work-obsessed friend get a good night sleep. These plants for gifts are easily available to buy online and can be an optimal choice for those who have almost no time to care these green gifts due to their too busy work schedule.

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