Get Your Garden Decorated With These Flowering plants

Collage of Best 10 Flower Plants for Your Garden by Green Decor

Winter is the time for prettiest blossoms on Earth and when they are welcomed with a garden full of flowers leaves a beautiful extension to not just the décor of your property from outside but the bright flowers also accentuate the decor of any indoor space.

This winter get a makeover for your garden by adding a dose of fresh blossoms. You can either get it from the local market or buy it from online portals that sell garden plants in India. Such portals deliver, maintain & help you in providing a better shape to your gardens at your doorsteps.

Pretty Flowers Bloom Even in Winter

Even when the temperature takes a dip, new flower buds bloom with full vigor. As a passionate plants lover and garden owner, you really do not have to wait for summer blooms. Why not buy winter flower buds and rush off with gardening tools to beautify your garden during winter?

Accentuate Your Garden with Season’s 10 Best Flowering Plants

Buy these flowering plants for winter and bring in a dash of springtime color and charm to your garden:

1. Petunia Pink–

Flowers of Petunia Pink Plant - Green Decor

Make your garden look pretty with beautiful funnel-shaped flowers. They have unique fused petals and stem less leaves. They come in shades of pink, light pink and violet white.

2. Bougainvillea Glabra–

Flower of Bougainvillea Glabra plant - Green Decor

Your garden will come alive with the gorgeous pink colour of bougainvillea flowers. Plant it close to the garden wall and see how quick it will naturally accentuate wall décor with its capacity as an evergreen climber plant.

3. Periwinkle–

Red Flowers of Periwinkle Plants - Green Decor

It is one of gardner’s best pick because of the abundant variety of colours ranging from red to pink, white to lavender, and green to yellow.

4. Gerbera Daisy–

Close view of Red Flower of Gerbera Daisy Plant by Green Decor

This flowering plant is a native of South Africa. It is one of the best buys among flowering plants in India because of bright and colourful flowers. You can opt for orange, salmon, yellow, pink and white.

5. Damascus Scented Rose–

Close view of Damascus Scented Rose Plant by Green Decor

The ultimate choice of gardeners and flower lovers because of the pretty red and white colours and amazing fragrance. Aroma of these flowers iseven used for making perfumes.

6. Hibiscus–

Front view of Hibiscus Plants in An Attractive Ceramic Planters from Green Decor

It is one of the common showy flower plants grown in the majority of gardens. Glossy dark-green leaves add a dash of glamour. You can take your pick from a wide range of coloured hibiscus flowers – comes in shades of peach and red.

7. Gazania–

Close view of Flowers of Gazania Plant by Green Decor

It is one of the prettiest flowers that can make your garden look more lively and fresh. You can buy blooming buds in colors of yellow, red, orange, white and pink.

8. Euphorbia Milli–

Close view of Red Flowers of Euphorbia Milli Plant by Green Decor

Dubbed as Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia is a unique plant because the stems of this plant have many spikes or thorns on top of which the oval green leaves grow. You can deck up the garden with pretty coloured flowers in pink, red, white, and salmon.

9. Madhumalti Flower–

Madhumalti Flower Plant in A White Colour Attractive Pot by Green Decor

High on fragrance, Madhumalti flower is a common vine that can accentuate the look of your garden. Also known as Rangoon creeper, these flowers first open as white and then change its color to pink, red and maroon consequently.

10. Yellow Shrimp–

Plant of Golden Shrimp plant in An Attractive Ceramic Pot by Green Decor

Also called Golden Shrimp plant, it happens to be one of the popular landscape decor flowering plants in India. The golden allure of the flower heads is eye appealing.

Winter is coming. Buy best flowering plants before your garden turns bleak.

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