This Diwali Spread Luck & Prosperity by Gifting These Indoor Plants

Best gift plants to share luck & prosperity on Diwali by Green Decor

Diwali is the festival of light which comes with lots of joy. People greet each other and share the joy in the form of gifts. These gifts include sweets, home decor items, clothing and many other things.

But, this year, why not to gift something which your dear ones will cherish for the years?

A beautiful plant can be a great gift this Diwali. Gifting plant is not less than gifting a life. Additionally, the plants bring freshness as well as positivity with them. Your dear ones will be happy to get such a valuable gift which has the capability to bring prosperity and positive vibes with it. There are many plants which you can gift on Diwali and wish they bring prosperity and luck to the receiver. Here is a detailed list of a few of them.

  • Palms- Areca palm is the most common garden plants in India. You can keep it indoor to bring positivity and good fortune. It also helpful in removing impurities from the air and make it fresh. The plant requires sunlight and hence it is better to keep it near windows. It can be one of the unique Diwali gifts to be given to your relatives, friends or colleagues.

A fully grown beautiful Areca Palm - Green Decor

  • Money Tree- Very suitable to its name, the bonsai of money tree believed to bring prosperity and luck in the home as well as the office. Generally, these trees are braided together. However, if you want to bring good fortune and prosperity to your work, you must keep 3-5 braided plants. Be careful and don’t make it four braided as the effect will be negative. This can be one of the nicest Diwali gifts for clients as well as employees, as you are gifting them good fortune on this great festival.

Money Tree by Green Decor

  • Rubber plant- This can also be a great addition to plant gifts. Rubber plant is believed to attract good fortune for the home as well as the business. It is recommended to keep it in the wealth area of the home as the round leaves of the plant are the symbols of luck, wealth and abundance. This can be one of the best Diwali gifts for the family.

Rubber Plant by Green Decor

  • Boston fern- This is a hanging plant and is kept in such a way that it fills up the corner. It is recommended to keep it at the entrance so as to welcome the visitors as well as the luck and prosperity. It is one of the most popular indoor plants in India and can be a great gift for Diwali.

Boston Fern plant near a window in a house - Green Decor

  • Flowering Plants- There are plants like Jasmine and lotus which are the best flowering plants in India and a good gifting option as these plants bring freshness and pleasure in the surrounding. You can gift any of them to your dear ones or professional friends on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Euphorbia Milli Plant having Red flower by Green Decor

Apart from these there are plants like peace Lily, Jade plant, money plant and many other plants which are capable of bringing positive vibes while enhancing the look of the decor.  You can also buy different types of bonsai plants online. Gifting them can be one of the best corporate gifting ideas. So, this Diwali don’t buy other expensive gifts, but gift a life in the form of a plant.

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