Low Maintenance Best Home Plants

Greenery at home is not only required for décor purposes but also for freshness and hidden properties of natural plants like air purification, medicinal, herbal, food ingredients, luck & prosperity and many other benefits that plants bring to the mankind. Plants make one of the best gifts that nature has provided us and perhaps the most economical too. But how do we know which plants make the best keep for indoors and which are the ones which are good to keep at home with minimal maintenance required for them. Well this article will give you answer to all of the above questions and also will attempt to tell you which plants you must keep at your home to make your living stress free and lively. Here is a list of some very popular house plants that can be a good buy for your home to add to your décor and greenery.

Aloe Vera:- Aloe Vera is a perfect house plant that is well known for its medicinal properties and you would find Aloe Vera as an ingredient in most of the skin cosmetics and medicines. They need almost negligible maintenance and extra care. All you need to do with Aloe Vera house plant is keep it at the right place i.e under shade getting plenty of indirect sunlight. It can maintain itself well in extreme dry conditions too. It pulpy gel flowing out of its leaves if heaven for your skin and can be applied to heal various skin disorders.


Rubber Plant: – Rubber plant is a plant with a neat look and tidy leaves. Best to keep indoors with indirect sunlight. They are well known air purifiers, that keep indoor air quality toxic free and healthy to inhale for kids and old ages too. Water them according to the need and you will find them blossoming and cheerful every time.


Snake Plant: – Snake plants are like every home’s first choice when comes to indoor low maintenance house plants. Not too voluminous in look, snake plants are effective air purifiers and prove to be an effective weapon against toxic content in the air. They will not occupy too much of space and will not bother you with caring needs. So get snake plants for your home or even office and make the indoor air quality 70% cleaner than usual.


Diffenbachia: – One of the most beautiful looking indoor house plant is Diffen. It comes in various varieties like Mary,  Maculate and a couple more. This good looking plant will add cherry to your house décor and will give you a perfect green bliss. Being a low maintenance plant it does not give you much trouble plus its long life ensures longevity. Something to keep in mind is that Diffen should be kept away from pets and kids as it is toxic if swollen or chewed.


Golden Pothos: – Another popular name for pothos is money plant. A widely accepted house plant that is easily available and is low maintenance. It can lighten up any corner of your house with its beautiful golden heart shaped leafs and its air purifying capability is cherry on the top. Water them regularly and they would prove to be your best green friend. Save Ecology, save your Family.

Plants happen to be the most economical way to keep your surroundings air clean and green. Buy the above mentioned plants online at www.greendecor.in and get them delivered at your door step at attractive prices. Log in today to avail 10% discount.

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