Think Innovative and be a Smart Brother – Gift A Plant This Rakhi

Image Representation of Combo gift pack for Rakhi by Green Decor

Rakhi is around the corner, a festival to cherish family gatherings, mouth watering food, sweets and of course the sweet & sour bond of brothers & sisters. The festival is not just about tying a thread around the brother’s wrist by the sister but their immortal bond & prayers for each other’s safety, well being and togetherness.

To make your sister feel pampered you mostly gift her with chocolates, coffee mugs or her favorite perfume. However, to make this ritual of eternal love gifting her something unique that would bring her good health, luck and a long-lasting fragrance of freshness in her space may leave you clueless.

Well, to fulfill all these terms there could be no better option than to gifting her with plants. Based on your sister’s personality or needs you can pick one or a combination of these plants:

Gift Plants for Her Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo Plant for Gift on Raksha Bandhan - Green Decor

To show how much you love & care for her or to wish a healthy, lucky & a life full of prosperity gifting your sister with Palms, Money Tree, Lucky Bamboo or a Jade plant will double their luck. If the Money Tree is believed to bring good luck then Jade is thought to bring prosperity & success to a career minded sisters.

Gift Plants for Her Fresh Breath of Air

Snake plant in living room - one of the best plants for air purification by Green Decor

For a health-conscious sibling, an air purifying plant with powers of healing will do wonders. Apart from adding loads of oxygen adding a Snake plant, Spider plant or a Boston fern to any interiors also makes people feel better. The citizens of India and many other nations are choosing plant for gifts to express their love & care. One of the major benefits of adding indoor plants for air purification to your interiors is that they remove lethal toxins like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde or xylene from your loved one’s space.

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Gift Plants to Add Natural Fragrance in Her Space

Jasmine plant - one of the best aromatic plants by Green Decor

Instead of gifting your sibling with a bouquet, a long lasting & wonderfully scented specimen to infuse clean & fragrant air will surely reduce the stress levels of your sibling. Starry pure white Arabian Jasmine, Gardenia with glossy green leaves or a spearmint and night blooming Jasmine that emit a heavy flowery scent will also add colours to her home.

Gift Plants for Her Good Health Care Naturally

Image of Herbal & Medicinal Plants - Green Decor

To add a snip into soups & sauces of your kitchen expert sister, gifting her with a few or an entire hanging kitchen garden would always remind her of you. They are also helpful in treating many minor treatments like cough, cold or illness which happen on daily basis. Herbal plants such as Rosemary, Parsley, Basil and medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera which is an excellent remedy for multiple skin ailments or a peppermint for many tummy troubles & headaches could be incredibly helpful in your sister’s life.

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Gift Plants for Her to Spruce up Interiors

A balcony interior full of plants - Green Decor

Indoor plants for home especially some popular flower plants are one of the smart & inexpensive ways to spruce up the space by adding color, beauty and texture. A little experiment in placing big, showy leaves of Pathos or the cheerful blooms of Chrysanthemum in small pots or in a hanging basket to let the foliage droop will offer a stunning contrast to any decor. If you are clueless about the place where you can find a wide range of such plants then choosing a reliable portal with an option of buying gift plants online is also pretty available in India.


Tying an Eco-friendly organic Rakhi made of seeds, leaves, cotton yarn, wooden beads along with gifting these life savior green companions will make the entire festival Eco-friendly & unique for your sisters.

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