Enjoy Sparkling Festivities with Eco Friendly Diwali Gifts & Affordable Ideas

Featured Image - Enjoy Sparkling Festivities with Eco Friendly Diwali Gifts & Affordable Ideas - GD

Diwali, the festival of lights, calls for celebration with one and all. What can be best than wrapping up your brightest wishes in an eco-friendly way?

Yes, gifting plants can be a wonderful option in respect to eco-friendliness and affordability apart from other ways to usher in Diwali fun.

  • Send wishes this Diwali with plant gifts

Diwali celebration begins with gifts.  Make someone feel special and spruce up enjoyment by sending across green gifts. Nothing can be eco-friendlier than plant gifts this Diwali.

Diwali plants can add charm, elegance and positivity to indoor decor of any home. They can be one among the best eco-friendly Diwali gifts for family, employees and clients. You can get them at prices that will weigh light on your pocket.

Best choices in eco-friendly plant gifts for family or acquaintances re Aloe Vera, Caladium, Ficus Benjamina, Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Snake Plant, Earth stars, Jade and Bonsai.

Caladium plants available to buy online in Delhi NCR, India by Green Decor

  • The glow of earthen Diyas

The moonless Diwali night gets all the more glamourous with the shine of earthen diyas.  Lighted up diyas or lamps are a treat for eyes when at doorways, portico or window sills dotted with beautiful blooms and exotic plant species.

A box of beautifully designed earthen diyas and a combo pack of Golden Money plant and Boston fern can be budget-friendly corporate gift ideas for employees and clients. As you purchase them you can show your community responsibility and make Diwali indeed a profitable one for the earthen lamp makers. Help reduce the mindless consumption of electricity during festive times.

Earthen Diya - the best eco friendly way to bright up your Diwali night
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  • Enjoy with Fireworks – Be Considerate

Fire crackers illuminate the sky and your lives, but they do take a toll on Nature. So, why waste money on chemicals that add to air and noise pollution?

Why not celebrate green Diwali and buy unique Diwali gifts that are made from recycled paper or with dry leaves.  You can also go greener by sharing air purifier plants as Diwali gifts. This will help combat the pollution in the atmosphere too.  Some of the best air purifier plants that you can buy are Rubber Plant, Spider Plant or the Sweetheart Plant.

You can join the bandwagon of nature lovers as you play with eco-friendly crackers. Help Nature and mankind to breathe easy.

Choose plants over crackers for safe and green environment - Green Decor
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  • Charming Floral Rangolis

Bright, beautiful, fragrant – flowers are unique in every respect and they can perk up interior Diwali décor in an instant. So, this Diwali say no to artificial colours and oil paints. Pick fresh flowers like marigold and sunflower from the garden or get them from the florists to design exuberant rangolis right near the entrance of your home.

Just imagine how brightened up your Diwali will be when you go for a floral rangoli in your living space and complement it with beautiful potted houseplants like Dieffenbachia Mary, Petunia Light Pink or Damascus Scented Rose.

Make flower based rangoli this time to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way - Green Decor

  • Sweet & Cheerful Celebrations the eco-friendly way

Savouring sweet delicacies is a must on the Diwali menu. You can spread the cheer by sending gift boxes of sweets to loved ones, neighbors and the underprivileged ones. Now, you can accentuate the traditional practice of sharing sweets with an eco-friendly twist. Send the sweets tucked with care in hand made jute bags or a pouch made of natural fiber. You can send across some gifts along with it having a natural essence like diyas made of coconut shell or dry fruits packed in boxes made of recycled materials.

Have a safe and blessed Diwali celebrated with eco-friendly aspirations!


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