Buy These Top 5 Indoor Plants to Keep Your Home Cool Naturally This Summer

Top 5 Summer Days Plants to Keep Our Home Cool Naturally - Green Decor

To have “Kuch Thanda ho Jaaye” or cool impact on our body & environment, generally you put endless endeavours from having chilled drinks, cotton clothes, covering patios with chicks to installing more and more electronic gadgets for cross ventilation and cooling your homes. Some of such measures may be fruitful but some of these efforts adversely affect on your overall health in a long term use. What if, you get an organic, environmental-friendly and less expensive option to keep your home cool? Yes, by growing indoor plants for home, you can keep it cool organically. Let’s have an insight on how?

Like human perspire, plants also release excess water in the form of water droplets on the surface of leaves which evaporate & keeps the climate around them cool. There is one more benefit of adding them to your home. The dryness due to air conditioners is extremely harmful to health especially if you use such electronic cooling gadgets in a longer term. To balance such dry air, indoor plants can prove to be beneficial as these plants add humidity in the air.

Let’s have a look on 5 most effective and best plants to keep your home cool:

  • Areca Palm
Areca Palm in a beautiful pot - Green Decor

Areca Palm in beautiful pot

A fully grown beautiful Areca Palm - Green Decor

Areca Palm is an architecturally graceful plant. It is also considered as the most efficient in indoor air purification. A single plant of Areca Palm (more than 5ft in height) will transpire 1 liter of water in 24 hours. Apart from this, this plant is one of the best air purifier plants and carry a great potential to absorb harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and more.

  • Snake Plant
A fully grown snake plant - Green Decor

Snake plant in small beautiful pots

Snake plant in a gift packing - Green Decor

Snake Plant is one of the least demanding plants to care for. It is an evergreen plant and is also one of the most recommended plants by NASA for improving indoor air quality. Snake plant is also known as “bedroom plant” because unlike other plants it releases oxygen and absorbs CO2 in night. Heaps of oxygen and moisture released by them help you drift to a sound sleep in a cooler environment.

  • Golden Pothos/Money Plant

Golden Pothos in a bulk - Green Decor

To keep your indoors cool & purified, Pothos/money plant requires only a little amount of sunlight & water. They can be an ideal humidifier if added in mass. The heart shaped leaves of this plant can be entirely green or in a combination of white, yellow & green shades. A regular pruning of this plant will help this leafy vine to grow vigorously.

  • Aloe Vera

Upper view a nicely grown Aloe Vera Plant - Verdure Wellness

Aloe Vera is a very well-known succulent plant for its labelled products in the market.  This has made an increased demand for succulent plants online as well in India. Apart from holding many medicinal properties Aloe Vera leaves are extremely rich in water content and can very well balance the dry climate in their surrounding through transpiration.

  • Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant in a white plant - Green Decor

It is a constantly blooming plant perfect for indoors. More amount of oxygen and water content released by them is due to their larger leaf size. They like indoor bright light than direct sunlight.

These indoor plants will not only make your space look luxurious but will provide a breathable & lively atmosphere. By being a little creative in their placement these indoor plants will become an essential part of your everyday life.

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  • Sakshi Saroj 5 years ago Reply

    Hey,I am glad that you shared this post.My mom’s a plant lover and she is crazy about indoor decoration and plants.She already has all of the above except the peace lily.I am definitely going to gift her this peace lily plant next week and I know she is gonna love it!Thanks again.

  • Neelam 4 years ago Reply

    Plantation is my Hobby. I leave in Delhi & i was thinking to buy indoor plant to keep fresh air in my house. And this blog helped me a lot.Thanks for sharing, i will order it online from your website.

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