This Christmas, Share Joy & Happiness with These Top 6 Gift Plants

A Christmas tree as a gift - Green Decor

The spirit of Christmas has arrived, with the beginning of December and we are feeling the jingle bells ringing already and we’re sure, you are too! Christmas always adds a cheery vibe to the aura and to be honest, it’ a great time to be alive. Although Christmas is primarily for celebrating the birth of Jesus, the purpose of these festivals really is to bring families together to celebrate their togetherness and make incredible memories.

At such Christmas gatherings, when family members arrive to have a great time together, the dilemma that arises every year is; gifts. For homes, the greatest gift could be something that enhances its decor. Experimenting with this idea, this Christmas you can give your loved ones some indoor plants or just gift any plant which can make their homes prettier. To make it even better, you can also gift air-purifying indoor plants that don’t only look good but also remove a lot of intoxicants from the air to generate more pure and fresh air.

  1. Poinsettia

Close view of Poinsettia Plant - Green Decor

A poinsettia is a very traditional Christmas plant. It’s said that the red coloured leaves of the plant represent the blood of Jesus. In spite of being a holy plant, the poinsettia also acts as an air purifier by eliminating formaldehyde from the air. It indeed is an angelic plant and is one of the best gift plants for Christmas.

  1. Araucaria

Top view of Araucaria plant by Green Decor

Araucaria is used as a Christmas tree to decorate houses for the whole Christmas holiday. According to tradition, bringing and decorating the tree depicts everlasting life with God. Araucaria is one of the Christmas spirits and along with its magnificent appearance; it has more benefits to it, one of them being its air-purifying quality. Therefore, keeping a Christmas tree in your home is traditional as well as beneficial.

Full view of Araucaria Bonsai by Green Decor

If you like to gift flowers then there’s nothing better than gifting them with their roots. Yeah! You can gift flower pots which will never die and will also add beauty to the house. Some flower plants that you can gift to your loved ones on Christmas or any other such occasions are-

  1. Petunia

An image of Petunia plants of different colours - Green Decor

The flower of petunia has more than 20 species and they look really vibrant. These flowers come in different colours, like Violet, Pink, Red, Shades of pink & white, Yellow & white and much more. You will find a lot of varieties when it comes to petunia. They are beautiful flowers that will make your loved ones happy as soon as you gift them.

  1. Rose

A Rose Plant with Attractive Pot from Green Decor

The queen of flowers, the rose is the most common flower to be gifted in all forms; buds, bouquets, and bunches but it’s sad that in all of these forms, roses end up dying. Gifting rose plants will prevent this from happening and the one who receives the gift will be able to grow more roses.

  1. Gerberas

Gerberas Plant in a beautiful attractive ceramic plant by Geen Decor

The Gerberas are from the family of Daisy and Sunflower. These come in a huge palette of colours and look absolutely beautiful when kept in the garden amidst all the other beautiful plants. So, you can gift gerbera plants instead of the bouquet.

  1. Boston Fern

Plant of Boston Fern Near Window inside a Home - Green Decor

Another plant that you can add to your list of “green Christmas gifts” is Boston Fern. A bunch of Boston fern’s tiny leaves looks beautiful when placed in a corner in your bedroom, study or living room. It’s a great plant gift for Christmas as it requires a cool environment but also a little sunlight to grow. For keeping it indoors, make sure it receives lots of humidity. As this green décor will grow bigger, your room will also look lovelier than ever.

Receiving these plants as gifts will definitely brighten up the faces of your loved ones. So this Christmas, become the eco-friendly Santa for your family and friends. Spread the greenery!

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