Gifting a Plant on These Occasions will add to Your Expression

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Occasions are kind of an everyday affair in India. It is a land of festivities and gifting is courtesy here. We share every festival and occasion with equal love and care. But do we know the right gift for every occasion? Well if you don’t then plants can be a great idea to gift someone right away to make their lips curve in a smile.

All occasion have their own charm and need personal touch to make them special. Sending plants as gifts online on these memorable occasions is a wonderful, meaningful and worthy idea. Given below are 6 specific occasions that make living plants the best addition for gifting purpose:

1. New Year

New Year means new beginnings, new hopes, new aspirations, and new resolutions. A lot of people celebrate New Year with great pomp and show and gift quite expensive stuff to each other. But if you are searching for a meaningful gift then you can always go for Money plants that symbolize good fortune and wealth. Gift your loved ones a money plant and wish them all the luck for their career, business or new investments.

Money Plant by Green Decor
Golden Money Plant for Gifting by Green Decor
Marble Money Plant by Green Decor

2. Valentine’s Day

The day that celebrates love! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to say your special one, how much they mean to you. In such a day you need to convey your loved one that you crave for them just like people crave air. You need to tell them that they are the most beautiful gift that you can ever have by your side. This is when you need to have a gift in the picture that symbolizes your innocent love. Gift them a peace lily because it is an air purifying plant that symbolizes purity, tranquillity, and rebirth. Alternatively, you can also gift him/her a rose plant or any similar flower plants of his/her choice.

Peace Lily Plant by Green Decor
Collage of Flower Plants for Valentine Day

3. Birthdays & Anniversary

Birthday isn’t just one day to celebrate; it is also a day that reminds you that you have grown a year older. There is no rule book that says that birthday gifts should include cakes and stuff in one way or the other. Even anniversaries are no exception from it. No one persuades you to send lovey-dovey gifts on anniversaries to your special couples. You can also gift plants on birthday like that of aloe vera or snake plant that symbolize cleanliness, persistence and good health. Gift someone these plants and tell them that you care for them and you wish them a healthy life ahead.

Aloe Vera Plant for Gifting - Green Decor
Snake Plant for Gifting - Green Decor

4. Farewell

Farewells are a gloomy occasion where your loved ones are parting ways with you. One may think that these occasions deserve speech and maybe some good words to confront the departing one but you need something more than words to convey your love. Cactus would though appear like a bad idea but these plants can signify persistence, toughness, and endurance. So if you gift these plants to someone who is bidding goodbye to you then that means that you tell them they never gave up and so you really care for them and love them.

Cactus Plant which you can share as gifts - Green Decor

5. Popular Festivals like Diwali & Christmas

When Jingle bells vibe is in the air and New Year waits for you with arms wide open you can always opt for a Christmas tree that will add the Xmas flair to your home. Whether it is Christmas or Diwali, wishing someone prosperity is must. Get a lucky bamboo plant to gift online to your loved ones on Diwali or a Christmas tree and wish them luck in a unique and eco-friendly way.

Christmas Tree - Green Decor
Lucky Bamboo Plant for Diwali Gifting - Green Decor

6. Special Days/Occasions:

There are some more occasions like World Environment Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day, etc that we forget in the limelight of our favourite occasions. Gifting plants on above mentioned days can be a great idea because you are literally gifting a life to someone rather than spending a lot of money on the lifeless gift items. Buy and gift Bonsai plants as eco-friendly option to your loved ones and express that you care about then.

Bonsai Plants for Gifting -Green Decor

Gift plants, gift happiness

Plants are good for health, they are beautiful décor items, they can last for a very long time and they can be given on any occasion. If you opt to buy and send your favourite plants as gifts online on any of these occasions, you can always cut off all the efforts that it takes to find a perfect and long lasting gift that is meaningful, expressive and carries a message in an eco-friendly way.

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