Best 10 Mosquito and Insects Repellent Plants You Must Buy This Summer

Mosquito Repellent Plants - Green Decor

The buzzing sound of hibernating mosquitoes reaches its peak with the beginning of summers. Unfortunately, these little gnawing mosquitoes are killing millions of people due to illness spread by them in the form of Dengue, Yellow fever, malaria accompanied by extreme indications. Despite the fact that with the utilisation of various chemical mosquito or insect repellents available in the market the cases of mosquito-borne ailments can be reduced to an extent but the long-term health-hazards caused by these chemicals also can’t be underestimated.

The fear of uncommon diseases caused by the usage of non-organic and chemical substances is driving people to use organic or natural products in their regular day to day existence. To everyone’s delight, the indoor plants for air purification if selected properly can also serve as insect repellent plants. Let’s observe how:

  • Lemon Balm

An ancient antidote and a versatile herb promoting a sound sleep, it is one of the best plants for your home. Instead of using chemical repellents directly on your skin rubbing its leaves on your exposed skin will keep these mosquitoes at bay. Get more caring tips about this plant here.

  • Catnip

A plant that drives cats wild can also move away an enormous level of mosquitoes due to its pungent and minty aroma. It can also be planted outdoors to control the mosquitoes meandering around your house.

  • Marigold

Picking the smelliest sun-coloured marigold will help in deterring mosquitoes especially if a couple of pots kept at the entryway of your home.

  • Lavender

Lavender is one of the best garden plants in India and is being used for many centuries. It can be used in various forms such as lavender spray, soap, oil, flowers to keep the needle-sharp bites of mosquitoes and insects at away.

  • Mint

The scents and oils released from its squashed leaves act as a natural repellent and planting different varieties of mint in your yard also diminishes the passage of various pests such as flies, moths, and ants in your premises. Get more caring tips for this plant here.

  • Rosemary

A wonderful & pleasing smell of this plant serves as an outstanding mosquito repellent especially the incense generated from its leaves when burnt is not liked by mosquitoes as well as many other insects. Get more caring tips for this plant here.

  • Basil

A classic ingredient of many delicacies helps to keep flies out of food due to its intense aromas and a non-toxic nature to keep your kitchen free from pests makes Basil a must-have plant in your backyard or a window with lots of daylight.

  • Citronella Grass

The citronella oil, a common ingredient of synthesized herbal insect repellent is utilized around the world. Apart from its repellent properties, Citronella is also used against infections as an antibacterial.

  • Geranium

These beautiful blooms apart from adding aesthetic value to your garden are a perfect solution to repel pests through their strong fragrance.

  • Sage

In spite of the fact that it can take a long time to grow it is an excellent herb to repel many insects and mosquitoes around your house.

We spend such an extensive amount of time and energy in making our spaces inviting to relax. However the lot of portals available online these days are also offering colossal and rare varieties of indoor & outdoor plants.

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  • Amal Raj 3 years ago Reply

    Absolutely very useful content. The points mentioned on how to control mosquitoes are good. Mosquitoes are very dangerous. We can control mosquitoes by keeping our place neat and hygiene, by avoiding stagnant water, by installing mosquito net, etc. Strong fragrance of flowers can also control mosquitoes. But the best way is to install mosquito net on windows and doors.

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